Solidarity with the comrades arrested in Temuco

We have been able to get an update on the comrades arrested in Temuco on the 28th: three women in one of the houses raided have been charged with fabrication and placing of explosives. They claim it is a police … Continue reading →

Krudo’s Communiqués

We’re publishing here English translations of Krud0′s statements from prison. They show his attitude towards the repression, his mistake of signing a declaration, and his response to the accusations against him. Henry’s letters from prison have already been distributed in … Continue reading →

Santiago Anarchist Prisoners on Hungerstrike

24/09/2010 – Hello everybody, today, 24 September, the four of us: Felipe Guerra, Camilo Pérez, Carlos Rivero and Vinicio Aguilera found ourselves in a situation that, although it seems impossible, is worse than before. Yesterday we were suddenly pulled out … Continue reading →

Statement from Prisoners of the Chilean State inside Maximum Security

The public opinion of our friends and family members and all those who dream of an egalitarian society free of oppression: Since the 12 of October, 31 prisoners have initiated an indefinite mobilization demanding an improvement in the daily conditions … Continue reading →

Clarification by Mapuche prisoners on the end of the hungerstrike The Mapuche Political Prisoners of Angol Prison, Hospital of Victoria, and Minor Detention Centre of Chol-Chol, together with the Traditional Authorities of the Mapuche Nation inform Mapuche organizations, communities, general national and international the following: 1. The end of … Continue reading →

Mapuche hungerstrike ends for some, continues for others translated from articles on and October 2 communique from the prisoners ending their hungerstrike. Text of offer made by government on October 1. October 3 communique of prisoners continuing their hungerstrike [Note from translator: The Mapuche struggle … Continue reading →

Statement from Andrea and Monica on the Mapuche hungerstrike To all those in solidarity To all conscious thinkers, We have already spent three weeks hostage and caged by the State´s total authority; this situation has led us to close conversation each day, creating stronger ties, and reanalyzing the … Continue reading →

Reflections on the Turn of the Bicentennial Statement from Felipe Guerra, anarchist political prisoner in $hile Today kites brighten up a sky criss crossed with bars, I imagine the color and power of children laughing and sharing in nearby parks, enjoying the ability to make inanimate … Continue reading →


Chilean carabineros arrest the spokespeople for the Mapuche political prisoners from Temuco, Angol Translation of an article from…-angol-val [translator’s note: 32 Mapuche prisoners have been on hungerstrike for 62 days, as of September 11th, demanding freedom for the Mapuche prisoners, an end to the use of the anti-terrorist law against the … Continue reading →

Updates on Solidarity for the Arrested Anarchists in Chile Stop the media circus against the 14 arrested on the 14th of August! We put out a call to overcome the isolation and destroy this siege of disinformation. The circus has filled the gallery–Mr. Roundup, the diminuative Peña, and … Continue reading →

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