Solidarity Actions

Activity in Solidarity with Henry in Valparaiso

June 2, 2013 Talk about the TIPNIS case in Bolivia and presentation of a calendar and compilation benefit CD in solidarity with Henry

Microphone Demo in Solidarity with Bolivian Comrades

from Microphone demo in Solidarity with Bolivian Comrades – Bloomington, IN May 29th marked the one year anniversary of raids throughout parts of the anarchist, punk, feminist and animal rights scenes in La Paz, Bolivia. Out of 13 people … Continue reading →

Mapuche Community in Resistance Needs Support

Here is a chance to support a proactive liberatory project. Several Mapuche communities in the Lleu Lleu lake region are coming together to build a radio station as a source of counterinformation that comes from a Mapuche cultural worldview. The … Continue reading →

Solidarity Action in Australia

Two banners hung in solidarity with the 14 arrested comrades in Chile. One on the overpass of City Rd near the University of Sydney, and one on Enmore Rd, Newtown. Despite twelve thousand kilometres, the passion for freedom connects us. Solidarity from the … Continue reading →

Solidarity Actions in London, Bristol, Madrid, and Santiago

From Angry News September 27, 2010 – In the early morning of September 23, we completely ruptured social peace when we approached a Cuautitlán state security police van and placed an incendiary device inside one of its front tires. The … Continue reading →

Mapuche Solidarity — Acción Directa en Vancouver September 23rd, 2010 Early in the afternoon on September 23rd a small group of us here in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, responded to the call-out for international solidarity with the 34 Mapuche weichafes (warriors) in prison in Chile, who … Continue reading →

Mapuche solidarity protest in Vancouver A small group of demonstrators gathered yesterday in front of the Chilean Consulate in Vancouver to show their solidarity with Mapuche and anarchist political prisoners in Chile. Over thirty Mapuche prisoners have been on hunger strike since July 12, … Continue reading →

Bloomington solidarity with Mapuche hungerstrikers 09/26/2010, Bloomington, Indiana 15 anarchists and companions gathered a few days ago, responding to the call for international solidarity with the Mapuche hunger strikers in Chile. A microphone demo was held on Kirkwood, Bloomington’s main street, with music and … Continue reading →

London: Solidarity with Chilean anarchists (with photos) TODAY, Friday 24 September, around 2pm. a number of anarchists and sympathizers from various parts of the metropolis converged on the shopping centre in the middle of the busy intersection Elephant and Castle, chosen because of the … Continue reading →

Condo development attacked, bank sabotaged in Seattle A Bank of America’s atm slots were superglued, and a nearby vacant condo development was decorated with graffiti reading: NO CONDOS, NO PRISONS, FOR CHILE (A) An outside hose was also left running into a sliding door in order … Continue reading →

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