Ongoing Repression in Wallmapu

June 2013 John Severino A continuation of “The Intensification of Independence”. See the former for a glossary of terms in Spanish and Mapudungun. Awareness of repression should never be turned into a list of cases and prisoners. Those who struggle … Continue reading →

The Intensification of Independence in Wallmapu

The Intensification of Independence in Wallmapu Critical Reflections on a Solidarity Trip to Generate Electricity in one Mapuche Community in Struggle John Severino Introduction In the last decade, an increasing number of Mapuche communities have carried out the “productive recovery” … Continue reading →

Henry Zegarrundo given house arrest!

After nearly a year in prison since the arrests, with over a dozen audiences suspended, Henry has finally been granted house arrest pending trial! “With dignity as an ally, friend, and companion, and without bending before power, despite an environment … Continue reading →

2nd Santiago Anarchist Bookfair

On April 13 and 14, anarchists in Santiago organized the 2nd annual “Feria del Libro y Propaganda Anarquista,” held in the combative Villa Francia neighborhood of the Chilean capital. Thousands of people participated in the weekend of talks, book presentations, … Continue reading →

The Day of the Combatant Youth

In Chile, the 29th of March is celebrated as the Day of the Combatant Youth. On this day in 1985, police encountered and killed Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo, two brothers involved in the armed resistance against the dictatorship. Eduardo, … Continue reading →

International Day of Solidarity for the May 29 Case

Absolution for the May 29 defendants! No highway through TIPNIS! Freedom for all prisoners! On May 29, 2012, 13 people were arrested by police in La Paz, Bolivia. All of them were connected to anarchist participation in the defense of … Continue reading →

Boycott OARS

This is a call-out to anarchists across the world, asking comrades to break all friendly relations with OARS, the Anarchist Organization for Social Revolution (La Paz, Bolivia). The reasoning is simple: they are snitches, and they openly justify snitching as … Continue reading →

The Chilean Student Movement Resumes with Force

Shortly after the end of the summer break (summer in the southern hemisphere ends March 21), the student movement in Chile has returned to the streets in force. On the morning of Thursday, March 28, ten thousand youth blocked the … Continue reading →

Evo’s Highway

Development in Socialist South America by John Severino It sounds like something the IMF would have funded during the regime of General Banzer: a super highway cutting across Bolivia, linking Brazil with Peru and Chile—and thus with East Asian markets, … Continue reading →

“The Other Gods Were Crying”

Stories of Rebellion in the Bolivian Highland by John Severino Between 2000-2005, from Chapare to Cochabamba to El Alto, the Bolivian highlands were the site of major uprisings by indigenous people and poor people against the military, government, and neoliberal … Continue reading →

With Land, Without the State: Anarchy in Wallmapu by John Severino “Walmapu Liberado Con Tierra, Sin Estado” The guards at the Temuco prison search us over, and lead us into a room off the main hallway. The four men come in a little later and begin telling … Continue reading →

The Struggle for Lleu Lleu: Mapuche communities fight to save their land from timber and mining companies by John Severino Late September. It’s just another day in the community of Juana Millahual. Jose Llanquileo is driving a team of oxen pulling a heavy iron plow, clearing furrows in the hillside for a spring crop of potatoes, … Continue reading →

The Mapuche Struggle in Southern Chile I have spent the last few weeks traveling with a group of friends in Chile and talking with folks about the Mapuche struggle here. There are many communities in resistance- this article reflects the individual perspectives offered to me … Continue reading →


In Chile, Two Kinds of Terrorism by John Severino At a September 14th symposium on the Chilean anti-terrorism law, the lawyer Julio Cortes pointed out that the frequent use of the law despite the absence of any real terrorism in Chile illuminates its fundamentally political, … Continue reading →

Slingshots and Ponies: Interview on Submedia TV

Just in time for Chile’s September 18th bicentenary, Submedia TV ran this interview with us, about the September 11th riots and the struggles of anarchists and Mapuche against the Chilean state.


September 11th Riots in Santiago On September 11th, 1973, General Pinochet launched a coup, with backing from the US, and took over the government of Chile. Twenty years ago, in 1990, the military dictatorship transitioned peacefully to a democracy, in which much of the … Continue reading →

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