Our Trip

In September and October, 2010, a group of anarchists from North America traveled to Chile, Wallmapu (the Mapuche territories, occupied by the Chilean and Argentinean states), and Bolivia to meet with local anti-authoritarians, learn the histories and current situations of their struggles, and make the connections necessary to strengthen real and long-term solidarity between anarchists in North America and people in struggle in these countries.

We came at an important time, less than a month after a major wave of raids and arrests targeting anarchists in Santiago, during a crucial and highly supported hungerstrike by Mapuche political prisoners against the antiterrorism law and the repression of their struggle, and at a low point in the once colossal social movements in Bolivia, which have now been co-opted by the leftwing government of the indigenous president, Evo Morales.

With this blog our purpose is to share the translations and articles we wrote during and after our trip to spread what we learned and to facilitate the spread of solidarity and the use of this model of intentional solidarity trips, which could help improve anarchist connections in other parts of the world.

The Solidarity Trip: an evaluation

by John Severino One aspect of our trip to Chile, Wallmapu, and Bolivia was the elaboration of a model for the intentional building of international solidarity. The trip was organized on a principle of reciprocity, which should be considered an … Continue reading →

Solidarity as Active Resistance

Solidarity as Active Resistance: Creating Meaningful Relationships in Struggle. an evaluation of the trip by S I approached this solidarity trip to Chile and Bolivia with a certain amount of skepticism and doubt. I was skeptical as to whether we … Continue reading →

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