Solidarity with the comrades arrested in Temuco

We have been able to get an update on the comrades arrested in Temuco on the 28th: three women in one of the houses raided have been charged with fabrication and placing of explosives. They claim it is a police frame-up. Their lawyer has indicated that initially police reported finding nothing in the social center, but subsequently, when no witnesses were present, they allegedly found the explosive devices. In the other house raided, several people were arrested for not cooperating, two of them also charged for possession of marijuana. One person police claim to have found with marijuana is straight-edge.

The results of the arraignment are as follows:

-Roxana Marín Laurie (5 months pregnant)
Preventive detention in the Temuco women’s prison, 5 months investigation under the law for the control of weapons and explosives
-Ariadna Torres Torres
Preventive detention in the Temuco women’s prison, 5 months investigation under the law for the control of weapons and explosives
-Yaritza Grandón Paredes
Preventive detention in the Temuco women’s prison, 5 months investigation under the law for the control of weapons and explosives
-Silvana Lamilla
Preventive detention in the Temuco women’s prison, 3 months investigation under law 20.000 for the illicit traffic in narcotic and psychotropic substances
-Jota Pe
Preventive detention in the Temuco prison, 3 months investigation under law 20.000 for the illicit traffic in narcotic and psychotropic substances

What follows is a translation from Liberación Totaldetenidos-okupas

Communiqué regarding the raids carried out in Temuco on private homes and the space Pandemia.

Today the 28th of March 2013, in the city of Temuco around 6am, the OS-9 and special forces realized an operation in two adjacent private homes, one of them being the space PANDEMIA (not squatted as the bourgeois press reported) which are located at San Ernesto 299.

One hour later the repressive forces entered these two houses with the purpose of kidnapping our comrades, confiscating personal objects, computers, harddrives, sound equipment, among other belongings; furthermore to stage their theater they introduce materials for the fabrication of explosive devices (extinguishers, fuses, detonating timer, gunpowder), concluding the operation with the detention of 12 comrades, who are taken to the eighth precinct of Temuco.

In the face of these deeds we declare the following:

1: There is the precedent that on March 26, comrades of Pandemia denounced, with a communiqué, the constant harrassment of the repressor state through its various police organs.

2: We find this fact absurd and we relate it to earlier police frame-ups like the Bombs Case in Santiago, which fell apart for lack of evidence after months of investigation and imprisonment of comrades. All these intrigues of the Chilean state are meant to justify the terror and violence in the region, placed within the preventive/repressive operation against the 29th of March, Day of the Combatant Youth (

3: Additionally it is necessary to point out the prosecutor in charge of the new frame-up is CRISTIAN PAREDES; who also realized the Poluco Pidenco case in 2004, in which Mapuche comuneros (both commoners and community members) were prosecuted and imprisoned.

4: It should be pointed out that the PANDEMIA space is a location where open public activities are carried out, where solidarity for comrades kidnapped by the State is promoted, and where antiauthoritarian ideas and practices are also disseminated.

5: What is being persecuted and criminalized here are the ideas that are promoted in this space and the individuals who have affinity with them, crafting false evidence and using this to intimidate those who oppose capital and its laws.

6: We want to inform that during the course of the afternoon our comrades were forced to give a blood sample.

7: We demand the immediate freedom of our kidnapped comrades and we call for solidarity and the broadcasting of this frame-up through all independent media.

Group of Support for 28-M Prisoners

Real Direct Solidarity with the imprisoned comrades in Temuco before a new 29th of MarchMay we clamor for their freedom with fire in the streets.

Our total support for the repressed comrades in the South, whose dignity and commitment to the struggle can be seen from afar.

We repudiate and spit on our common enemies, who invent charges and evidence, to avenge themselves for the attacks carried out right under their noses (Homecenter Sodimac, Dirección Regional de Carceleros and the Police Station of the FFEE, being the latest three attacks in a city where warlike actions have been going on for years) to use our comrades as scapegoats, as an example against all conscious people who dare to struggle against the System. We call on ALL COMRADES from the broader scene and anarchic and antiauthoritarian circles to act within their fields of praxis, be in protests against the tribunals of $hile, with gatherings, or on the other side with clandestine, anonymous attacks, to go out in defense of our comrades, above all because they haven’t even been formally charged yet and already they have been subjected to DNA sampling (like in the Bombs Case) to be added to the “national criminal identification database” and compared with samples from sites of attacks.

History repeats itself again. Prosecutors with airs of heroes of the imposed order, invented evidence and publicly active comrades accused with all the force of the law.

Let’s not raise our hands nor lower our heads, we have nothing to regret, we must feel full of arrogance and pride next to these bastard defenders of Power (politicians, prosecutors, and judges), we don’t owe them NOTHING. We have not signed any pact or negotiation with this disgusting civilized society, we are warriors and revolutionaries who do not believe in their dogmas or morality, we have our own convictions that need not be negotiated with any bourgeois comfort.

Strength, hugs and love to our comrades! Eternal hatred for the bastards of Power!
This is an eye for an eye!

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