Boycott OARS

This is a call-out to anarchists across the world, asking comrades to break all friendly relations with OARS, the Anarchist Organization for Social Revolution (La Paz, Bolivia).

The reasoning is simple: they are snitches, and they openly justify snitching as a part of their “social revolution.” After being arrested on May 29, 2012, four members of OARS snitched on other anarchists. Nine months later, two of the anarchists they snitched on are still being held in prison and one more is under house arrest (this third prisoner was rewarded with house arrest after also snitching). They are faced with the serious accusations of Terrorism and Attempted Murder. No evidence implicates any of the three, except for the testimony of OARS members (and later the testimony of the third detainee who snitched one month after OARS members claimed she was a terrorist).

After winning their release by naming other comrades, OARS members justified their actions, and the organization as a whole released a statement backing up the rhetoric of terrorism used by the government and distancing themselves from any illegal practices. Their statements have also been published by,, and

They continue to organize events in La Paz, to present themselves as anarchists, to recruit new members, and they attempt to monopolize the anarchist movement in La Paz, all the while justifying their snitching, spreading rumors about the other detainees, denouncing sabotage and other illegal actions, and denouncing other currents of anarchism. On the other hand, they uphold and reinforce the government’s categories of “innocence,” “terrorism,” “democracy” and “justice”.

There is also a possibility that someone from OARS is the original snitch in this case, giving the names of all the people who were arrested. What is known is that before any arrests were carried out, OARS members were also speaking out against the acts of sabotage that were occurring in the city, and advocating going to the police preemptively to clear their names and indicate the possible guilty parties.

This is not about an ideological difference or a criticism of direct action, the use of bombs or arson. Anarchists who are opposed to those tactics can make their criticisms in any number of ways. This is about collaboration with the State, helping the police lock people up in prison, and then justifying these actions politically.

In their declarations to police, it is clear that OARS members in fact knew nothing about the bombings, and they gave the names of their personal enemies. When asked, for example, how they knew one anarchist (whom they personally loathed) was a member of the group that carried out the sabotage actions, they said it was because he hung out with those who dressed in black and had beards and moustaches. They identified one anarchist (another person in La Paz they disliked for political and personal reasons) as the person captured in surveillance footage of one of the actions, even though she looked absolutely nothing like the person in the photo.

Not only are they snitches, they are petty snitches, and they are a danger to anyone who might cross paths with them.

They are also xenophobes. The police investigation focused largely on contacts with foreigners, particularly Chileans, and in their declarations OARS members make many xenophobic comments, denying any personal connections with foreigners and claiming those they snitched on hung out with foreigners and had even begun to talk like them.

OARS happens to be a platformist group. We are asking all other anarchists who might in other circumstances have contact with OARS to cut off all friendly relations with them, and if they see fit, to communicate this decision to them ( ). They need to understand that by snitching on other comrades they have irrevocably isolated themselves.

A couple notes: in one of their statements, they mention only three arrestees as belonging to OARS–Renato, Jeffer and Victor. The fourth snitch, Daniel, was a participant in OARS and continues to have contact with the group, though he is a member of CJAC, the Anarcho-Communist Youth Collective.

Also, in their online statement linked above, they criminalize and denounce sabotage (the “terrorism and violence” they refer to was a series of arsons, lock-gluing, smoke bombs, and small explosives that harmed no one) though they do not directly talk about their snitching. However, in open meetings in La Paz they have celebrated their attitude of collaborating with police to help in the arrest of terrorists, and in reference to Krudo, one of the detainees, have said they did not care if their snitching has meant that a “fucking hippy” has had to sit in jail. Detailed information about their snitching is available at: rat2

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