Mapuche comuneros reject mining project

Mapuche Comuneros from Lleu Lleu and Tirua reject the mining project on their lands

December 20, 2010


Over three days, Mapuche community members maintained the occupation of an estate usurped by the businessman Leonardo Farkas, whom they accuse of wanted to install mines around Lake Lleu Llue, whose waters are considered the cleanest in the world.

On Friday [December 17] a group of 100 Mapuche entered the estate La Herradura, currently in the hands of the Santa Fé mining company, property of the well known businessman.

The occupation lasted until this evening, according to the Carabineros. Involved were the communities of Trancura, Comillahue, and Lleu Lleu, who placed banners against Farkas and his pretensions of starting a mining project.

The Mapuche carried out a trawun and a guillatun [two important ceremonies] on the site during the last few days, in front of the threatening presence of the Carabineros.

The representative of the Chilean state in Arauco [province], Flor Weisse, hypocritically indicated that they would converse with Conama to see if there was some type of mining project planned for the banks of the Lleu Lleu.

It should be noted that in 2007, the communities of Lake Lleu Lleu denounced the incursion of the Manto Rojo mining company, which was attempting a mining project on the southeast edge of the lake, affecting the communities Lleu Lleu and Tirua.

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  2. footscrayanarcho says:

    sorry, would’ve sent this via email or something, but can’t find any contact details on this page…

    ‘Vanesa Queipul Has Been Arrested and is Being Tortured by Police at this Time.’

    From Territorial Mapuche Alliance

    Ercilla, Mapuche territory, January 4th, 2011.

    At noon on Tuesday the young Mapuche, Vanesa Queipul Paillaleo, was arrested by police. While on the nearby Poluco public road , adjacent to, and claimed by, the forest/farming community Ignacio Queipul, a group of Mapuche youth were persecuted by police with a hail of bullets, among whom was the woman, who was then detained. At this time the young Queipulian woman finds herself prisoner at police headquarters in the town of Collipulli, and is being subjected to psychological torture and different constraints, she is the mother of a 2 year old child waiting at home. It should be noted that so far there has not been any confrontation between the villagers with police and that, according to reports from these same villagers, there is absolutely no justification for the shootings and subsequent detention.

    According to reports from the spokesperson of Lof Temucuicui, Michael Carbone, “the events occured while young people were going to perform productive tasks needed in their area and that the police captain in charge of the area, who is characterized by arrogance and who is always provoking the Mapuche in order to generate situations to justify serious repression, is directly responsible.” Along with condemning the facts, the spokesperson noted that this information is to be kept in mind for future situations regarding police violence. The community members are traveling at this time to the Collipulli police station to try to use dialogue to try and secure the release of the imprisoned young Mapuche that is being tortured.

    taken from paismapuche

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