Statement from Andrea and Monica on the Mapuche hungerstrike

To all those in solidarity
To all conscious thinkers,

We have already spent three weeks hostage and caged by the State´s total authority; this situation has led us to close conversation each day, creating stronger ties, and reanalyzing the themes of repression that we both share with our Mapuche brothers; the famous Anti-Terrriost Law, which is the major tool of repression from the State against all those who have the courage to rebel, against the organized world, against the Mapuche people and nation. The law is more than a bad aftertaste from the dictatorship of Pinochet, it contains the dual judicial juristriction, civil and military, that last of which is the hardest form of their so-called ¨justice¨. The State´s Attorney, with his excessive power, is sparing no honorable effort to further the frameup. They have paid or invented secret witnesses to credit their professional investigation that has counted on torture, persecution, and harrasment of the family and friends of the arrestees. This leglisation was designed to destroy social struggles and does not carry the minimal guarantees of due process. Law is now used to defened the interest and rights of the business owners, to protect the interest of capitalists.

The government of the powerful, through the Ministry of Interior exercises pressure on judicial power, demonstrating that the seperation of powers does not exist; using the null objectivity of disinformation spread by the media, who were silent for more than 50 days of the Mapuche brothers hunger strike. Since this is a means of pressure, where the body is a legitimazied as a weapon that produces screams that transcend any wall or border…the silence becomes an accomplice to this new Araucanía massacre, that through the Anti-Terriorist Law provides reassurances to the latifundistas (big landowners) and the foresters; this is the same model of imprisonment and discrimination inherited from the military dicatatorship.

We express solidarity with the Lamgnen in the south, in their struggle for autonomy, through their vital rebellion, that for more than 500 years has not been silenced. For more than 500 years they have maintained the struggle against the ambitions of the rich, against the upsurption of their ancestral lands, against environmental destruction. While society converted ignorant people into square boxes where Sundays are for shopping and zapping from tv channel to tv channel, where the capitalist appears annoucing their war on terriorism, imprisoning those they see as a threat to their very pompous September 18th celebration (Chile`s bicentennial). Meanwhile, in our memories we see the images of Álex Lemún, Matías Catrileo, Jaime Mendoza Collío and countless other Lamgnens who gave everything in the fight for liberation.

We take this newen, we make it ours to continue resisting in this dungeon and to continue resisting our abduction.

Aware that this letter might be used to create “fictitous associations” in the mind of the famous Prosecutor Peña, we want it to be clear that this letter is full of our most pure revolutionary solidarity.

Solidarity is a weapon aimed at capital! Against amnesia, against the anomie of a people without history.

Mónica Caballero, Presa Política Anarkista.
Andrea Urzúa, Presa Política Libertaria.
Special Section in High Security, Centro Penitenciario Feminino
The first days of September, 2010.


Translated from:

Graffito in Valparaiso

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