Reflections on the Turn of the Bicentennial

Statement from Felipe Guerra, anarchist political prisoner in $hile

Today kites brighten up a sky criss crossed with bars, I imagine the color and power of children laughing and sharing in nearby parks, enjoying the ability to make inanimate paper fly.

Though I have few skills with such things, I have always enjoyed this entertaining practice, especially with the determination that the young people dedicate to it.

Far away from this friendly tradition, shrouded by the parties of the state, a blinding patriotism fills the screens and the streets, yet the state is not ashamed and celebrates its own anniversary with grandeur.

But for over 200 years it has not been so easy for the ruling class to make
oppressed people from different places understand that now there will be the same
implied homogenization implanted in different ways: blood and fire, the sacred
obedience of work, or religion as a weapon.

The state has forged Chile, Chilenos and Chilenas, marked a territory to implant its
sovereignty and create symbols of domination, while the Prussian heritage tints
society, recording battles, defeats, assassins and heroes.
After discarding the mapuche, whom are contrary to national interests, the huemul, the condor and the copihue are appropriated as Chilean symbols, a nature preyed upon until its extermination by civilization. This is how with a sincere “C-H-I” patriotism quiets any critic and reconciles eternal irreconcilable historical conflicts.

The real discussion focuses on what elements must be included in the Bicentennial capsule. Will it be the gallons and gallons of blood in different killings of the unsatisfied, the enormous amount of lead in the bullets against those who put foresight in front of economic interests, the electric saws thats systematically torture, the uncountable dead youth in clashes, the prolonged fasting of Mapuche in prison, the anti terrorist paranoia and madness, the political imprisonment and persecution or will it be “the rogue indian” (a racist carving of indigenous people sold to tourists), the Grammys, soccer jerseys, the flag and of course Arenita. (a popular supermodel)

The state and authority maintain their power by reproducing it themselves and during this Bicentennial there will not be any doubt….
The recreation hours are coming to a close and I return to my cell left with a view of the paper stars adorning the sky during the day. I look at the newspaper and see that our arrests protect the Bicentennial, protect the party goers, the political judgement imprisons people who just recently met and claims they are responsible for and have been participating in a group that does not exist- the theater of absurdity has created a new grotesque account.

Legacy of the dictatorship and complacency of democracy.

Mobilize for the end and immediate abolition of the anti-terrorist law!

May your steps fly free, may your traces be swept away by the sea, with you outside
I am a little more free.

Felipe Guerra
Comrade in MAS (a maximum security prison) under the antiterrorism law charged with illicit terrorist association to place bombs

(translator`s note: Felipe Guerra as well as Vinicio Carlo Aguilera Mery, Carlos Rivero Luttgue, Camilo Pérez Tamayo have been on hunger strike since the 24th of September in the prison of Santiago 1)

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