Clarification by Mapuche prisoners on the end of the hungerstrike

The Mapuche Political Prisoners of Angol Prison, Hospital of Victoria, and Minor Detention Centre of Chol-Chol, together with the Traditional Authorities of the Mapuche Nation inform Mapuche organizations, communities, general national and international the following:

1. The end of the hunger strike of the Mapuche Political Prisoners of Angol Prison, Victoria Hospital and Centre for Minors of Chol-Chol, respond to the petitions made by our traditional authorities and their families, who unto the critical conditions of health the prisoners find themselves in, have prevented a fatal end to the mobilization. Therefore, the decision to detain the hunger strike was only and exclusively for humanitarian reasons.

2. We categorically state that we are not happy with the proposals made by the Chilean Government, as they do not respond to any of our demands that relate to the application of the Antiterrorist Law towards the Mapuche Nation, the elimination of protected or faceless witnesses within those trials and the double jeopardy by both Civil and Military Courts.

3. In terms of the use of protected or faceless witnesses throughout investigations carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office against our people, and in light of the fact that this was not eliminated by the State and Chilean Justice, the Traditional Mapuche Authorities of different Lof [Localities] that have carried out the processes of struggle throughout Wallmapu, have decided to apply Mapuche justice, expulsing these people [faceless witnesses] from our communities. This, in order to apply a severe sanction to those who betray the struggle of the Mapuche Nations. In this way, our traditional authorities are exerting the right to self-determination, in the sense that they are seeking the reconstruction of our Nation and taking the necessary decisions that direct us to those ends; therefore we must respect their decision either within our Lof [Localities] or throughout Wallmapu.

4. In light of negotiations made through religious mediator, Ricardo Ezzati, our Traditional Authorities undersigned below have decided to release him of his responsibility as a guarantor authorized by the Government, due to issues of compromise with our Mapuche Political Prisoners on hunger strike. Our word of commitment is taken by the Mapuche seriously, so if the government wishes to not comply with what has been accorded, the communities will begin a new process of struggle to demand the points made during this mobilization, as other points made by the communities that demand their ancient, cultural and political rights.

5. Lastly, we wish to call out to all Mapuche communities to take on this decision made by all the brothers that are currently being sentenced and processed for different cases that relate to the Mapuche struggle in Wallmapu, disturbing in this way the coexistence in these communities. With this decision, currently being supported by the communities that continue struggling, we manifest that there will be Mapuche justice with an independent stance, in which we defend our ancient right to make justice.


Signed: Víctor Queipul Huaiquil, Lonko [Traditional Chief] – Autonomous Community of Temucuicui (Ercilla, Malleco)
José Cariqueo Saravia, Lonko [Traditional Chief] -Cacique José Guiñon Community (Ercilla, Malleco)
Rodrigo Curipan Levipan, Werken – Rankilko Community. (Ercilla, Malleco)
Jorge Huenchullan Cayul, Werken – Autonomous Community of Temucuicui (Ercilla, Malleco)
María Luisa Mendoza Collio, Werken – Comunidad Requem Pillan (Ercilla, Malleco)
Jose Llanca Ailla, Werken – Juan Ailla Varela Community, Caillín (Collipulli, Malleco)
Daniel Melinao, Werken – Wente Winkul Mapu Community of Chekenco (Ercilla, Malleco)
Julio Huenchumil, Werken – Rayen Mapu Community of Chekenco (Ercilla, Malleco)
Julio Millacheo, Werken -Newen Mapu José Millacheo Levío Community of Chekenco (Ercilla, Malleco)
Marcelo Villanueva Nahuel, Werken – Coñomil Epoleo Community (Collico, Malleco)
Victor Marilao Mariqueo, Lonko – Autonomous Community of Juan Quintremil
Juan Andrés Millanao, Lonko -Pascual Coña Community (Lleu Lleu, Arauco)
José Huenchunao Llempi, Lonko – Nicolás Calbullanca Community (Lleu Lleu, Arauco)
Benedicto Antileo, Lonko – Millanao Ancaten Community (Tirúa Sur, Arauco)
José Llanquileo Antileo, Werken – Juana Millahual Community, Rucañanko of Lleu Lleu (Contulmo, Arauco)
Silvio Carinao, Juan Lincopán Community of Ranquilhue (Lleu Lleu, Arauco)
José Ñancupil Poblete, Lonko – Lorenzo Tranamil Community (Nancahue, Cautín)
Paulina Morales Cheuquelaf, Werken – Pitrunco (Township of Dalcahue)
Iris Manosalvas, Werken – Trailafken Territory
Marcia Curiqueo, Werken – Lorenzo Chilmi Community (Township of Perquenco)
Hugo Roberto Trainahuel, Lonco -Trafu Community
Cristina Chicolef, Werken – Ramón Chicolef Community
José Victoriano Polo Queipul, Werken – Antonio Milla Tokiwe (Victoria) Community
Antonio Cadin Huentelao, Werken – Juan Paillalef Community (Cunco), Coordinator of DAM (Autonomous Mapuche Defense)
Nelson Miranda Urrutia, Mapuche Defense Attorney.
Raúl Fuentes, Provincial President of the Exonorated .
Hugo Marillán, Supporting Pastor of Mapuche Political Prisoners

Angol, October 11th, 2010.

Distributed By:
The Women’s Coordinating Committee For a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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