Bloomington solidarity with Mapuche hungerstrikers

09/26/2010, Bloomington, Indiana

15 anarchists and companions gathered a few days ago, responding to the call for international solidarity with the Mapuche hunger strikers in Chile. A microphone demo was held on Kirkwood, Bloomington’s main street, with music and statements broadcast, and many fliers distributed against the repression carried out by the Chilean state.

This demo was held to honor the 36 Mapuche hunger strikers (34 in adult facilities facing charges under Pinochet’s anti-terrorism law, and the two youths who have taken up the strike in a juvenile facility), and all the comrades who have been kidnapped by the Chilean state. This was for everyone who can’t be among friends, family, and comrades, because they are under judicial control.

Down with the prisons in Chile, and everywhere!

Freedom for the hunger strikers and for everyone standing strong under the blows of the cops, courts, and paramilitaries in Chile!

Wallmapu libre!

Bloomington solidarity protest

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